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TACPS meets the 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

The purpose of this organization is to promote photography and explore and develop your hidden photographic talents. As part of the organization you will have the ability to participate in workshops, field trips, competitions, slide shows and listen to guest speakers.

TACPS General Information


Most meetings will be held at the Alexander City Chamber of Commerce.



Come discover the multifaceted art of light and look beyond the camera lens and the minds eye to learn and share your knowledge of photography. We encourage professionals and amateurs to join. 

Note: Even if you don't own a camera and are interested in photography I encourage you to come and join in on the activities. If you are looking to purchase a new camera then this is the opportunity to find out what type of camera "that will be right for you" to purchase. If you purchased that new digital camera and want to learn how to use it then this will be a good opportunity to ask the more experienced photographers any questions.

For more information contact: tacpsadmin@tacps.org 

This society is formed under the Alabama Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act. The Alexander City Photographic Society is a equal opportunity organization.

Copyrights of all photographs found on this site are the property of the photographer. Photographs may not be reproduced without permission from the photographer. If you see a "CC" below a photograph then that means it was taken in a "controlled condition".